Name Change Policy

Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship recognizes that authors may change their names for a variety of reasons, including - but not limited to – gender identity, marriage, divorce, or religious conversion. We respect that there may be sensitivities surrounding name changes and wish to reduce or remove any barriers to inclusion, professional mobility, and author credit. We respect the right of our authors to their own identities. It is therefore our policy to facilitate changes to author names, e-mail addresses, pronouns, and any other identifiers that may be necessary as a result in the change of author name. Going forward, all requests to make a name or pronoun change will be honored. In order to protect authors’ privacy, ISTL will not publish a correction notice, nor require any form of proof or supporting documentation.
It would be helpful for authors requesting name changes to identify the articles that require the name change. The relevant papers will be “republished”, meaning that they will be fully replaced online, and that their indexing metadata (which affects how authors appear in various databases) should subsequently be updated accordingly; however, we acknowledge that we are not able to enforce the replacement of metadata on other platforms. While the author name is replaced, citation information such as the DOI for the paper remains the same. All previous citations to the paper remain valid.

In order to enable co-authors to update the way they cite the paper in the future, we recommend informing them of the name change to the article.

Please note that we will not normally facilitate changes to correct spelling errors that were present in the author versions, out-of-date affiliation details, or changes to e-mail addresses that do not result from name changes. We are also unable to correct citations to papers in which a name change has been made.

Process for requesting a name change:

  1. Contact Edward Eckel, Editor-in-chief,
  2. Verify that you are requesting the name change for yourself. Note: no official documents are required for this request.