There's an App for That...

ISTL's There’s an App for That... column deals with technology in science and technology libraries. We welcome submissions that share successful initiatives, innovative ideas, uses, applications, and best practices in the application of technology in sci-tech libraries.

The scope of the column is broad and topics can address any aspect of mobile apps, web apps, software, or hardware. These may be specifically related to sci-tech libraries or may be innovative or specific uses of more general programs in the context of sci-tech libraries.

Topics may include but are not limited to the following examples:

  • technology as a tool for enriching the teaching and learning experience
  • technology in data stewardship & curation
  • apps and tools for productivity, writing, notetaking, research, reading
  • repurposing apps and software for sci-tech library applications
  • creative ways to incorporate mobile tools and devices into coursework and learning
  • technology risk and experimentation

The There’s an App for That... editor will consult with the author on any changes necessary before submitting manuscripts to ISTL for final publication.


There is no firm limit on the length of a submission, but 1,000-1,500 words would be a good target length.


Hannah Lee,