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Vol. 18 No. 2 (2023): Indigenous Historiographies, Place, and Memory in Decolonizing Educational Research, Policy, and Pedagogic Praxis: Special Issue in Honour and Memory of Professor Michael Marker (1951-2021)
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About the Journal

The Journal of Contemporary Issues in Education (JCIE) is an open access, peer reviewed journal that is currently published twice a year. The JCIE is committed to publishing original articles by eminent and emerging scholars that take a critical and interdisciplinary approach on a variety of issues in education from diverse contexts. The journal is open to both field-based research and conceptual and theoretical works; it especially welcomes critical scholarship that aims to contest conventional assumptions about educational and social development contexts and relationships. As such, JCIE accepts for review, previously unpublished articles that include but are not limited to global education, foundations of education (including sociological, philosophical, historical and cultural studies in education), citizenship and human rights education, social justice and related issues in education, specialized curriculum studies topics, policy studies in education and politics of education. We welcome suggestions for special issues and book reviews.

Editorial Team

Founding Editor: Ali A. Abdi, University of British Columbia 
Managing Editors: Maren Elfert, King's College London; Carrie Karsgaard, Cape Breton University; Lynette Shultz, University of Alberta 
Associate Editors: Karen Pashby, Manchester Metropolitan University; Derek Tannis, McGill University
Book Review Editor: Fei Wang, University of British Columbia 

Editorial Advisory Board

Adeela Arshad-Ayaz, Concordia University
George Dei, University of Toronto
Kent den Heyer, University of Alberta
Cecille DePass, University of Calgary
Dan Cui, Brock University
Ranilce Guimaraes-Iosif, Catholic University of Brasilia, Brazil
Shibao Guo, University of Calgary

Joanne Hardman, University of Cape Town

Peter Mayo, University of Malta
Carla L. Peck, University of Alberta
Toni Samek, University of Alberta
Özlem Sensoy, Simon Fraser University
Rebecca Sockbeson, University of Alberta
Touorizou Hervé Somé, Ripon College
Keyan Tomaselli, University of Johannesburg
Melody Viczko, Western University
Handel Wright, University of British Columbia