Teacher Support and Student’s Self-efficacy Beliefs

Sid Mitchell, Julie DellaMattera


The present study investigated the role of teacher support and its influence on middle school student’s self-efficacy beliefs. A statewide survey of 9,702 urban and rural middle school students found that teacher support declined across the middle school years and that this had negative effects on student self-efficacy beliefs. The data do show that girls received more support than did boys and that girls also had generally higher self-efficacy beliefs than did boys. Overall, the results show that middle school teachers can do more in fostering self-efficacy, particularly in boys, and maintaining support throughout a student’s middle school experience. The present study of student’s perceptions of teacher support over the middle school years is an important step in our ability to understand the complex ways in which teachers influence student’s self-efficacy beliefs.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.20355/C5X30Q