The Constancy of the School "Canon": A Survey of Texts Used in Grade 10 English Language Arts in 2006 and 1996

Margaret Mackey, Leslie Vermeer, Dale Storie, Elizabeth DeBlois


This article reports on a 2006 survey of texts used in Grade 10 English language arts classes in Edmonton, Alberta.  The survey uses the same instrument as a previous 1996 survey and provides comparative data from a section of the same pool as participated in 1996.  In terms of the most popular titles, there has been very little change during that decade.  To Kill a Mockingbird and Romeo and Juliet continue to be the most widely taught texts by a considerable margin.  Texts taught in only one class show more variability.  Reasons for the striking constancy of the title list are considered.


Grade 10 English; teaching materials; text selection; curriculum

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