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Vol. 13 No. 1&2 (2022): Fall & Winter 2021/22
University of Alberta Archives, University of Alberta Campus, Aerial view of the University of Alberta campus and surrounding area, 1966.

As the University of Alberta adjusted to a return to in-person learning during 2021 and 2022, the campus community has seen the hope of returning to normalcy realized. As we continue to adjust to the realities of the changing regulations, and to the abundant caution that necessitates a return to in-person learning, we continue to look forward to a safe and productive academic year. This return to in-person learning is the direct result of the hard work that the University of Alberta community has done. Hard work that reflects the dedication of our campus community towards each other, and towards continued learning in a safe and healthy environment.  


With a new fall semester on the horizon, we are proud to present the Fall 2021 and the Winter 2022 edition of the Constellations Undergraduate Journal of History and Classics. Being the first edition of the journal to be produced since the start of virtual learning in 2020, the journal faced a number of challenges on the path to publication. Unfortunately, these challenges forced the cancellation of the annual symposium and also made combining the fall and winter publications necessary for this academic year. However, despite this delay, Constellations remains fully committed to our goal of continuing to publish and promote excellent undergraduate research in both history and classics, regardless of circumstances.


As an undergraduate managed and produced journal Constellations relies immensely upon volunteer reviewers, author submissions, and readers for the continuation of the journal. This reliance has become even more important throughout the second year of the pandemic as our reviewers, authors, and readers of the journal have again stepped up to ensure the continuation of the journal through the challenges it has faced. We are endlessly grateful to everyone who is involved with the journal, as well as every reader of the journal, who have come together to publish another edition of the Constellations Journal. Thank you!


While my editorship has expired and I will be stepping down as the editor of the journal, I’m happy to introduce Amina Mohamed and Alison Thomas as the next two editors of the Constellations Journal. Both Amina and Alison are very talented as well as enthusiastic about taking over the editorships of the journal. I wish them both all the best in their editorships and the coming academic year.


All of us at Constellations look forward to the opportunity to again work diligently with everyone on the Fall 2022 edition of the journal, so that Constellations can continue to publish and promote excellent undergraduate research in history and classics.


Keenan Walker, editor


Our dedicated reviewers:

Madeleine Beaulieu | Sarah Chung | Morgan Colston| Molly Fandrey | Christine Funk | Morgan Guenther | Fahim Iqbal | Aabha Khaparde | Zane Klics | Nick Kouveletsos | Madalyn Mandziuk | Julia-Rose Miller | Julia de Milliano | Colby Parkkila | Taylor Savoy | Lore Skoczylas | Alli Thornitt | Karen Vuong | Brennan Walker

Published: 2022-08-29
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