• Winter 2019
    Vol 10 No 2 (2019)

    We are pleased to present the Winter 2019 edition of Constellations, which showcases a wide array of undergraduate work from both the University of Alberta and MacEwan University. We would like to thank everyone who had a hand in making this edition possible, including the authors who had the courage to place their work in the hands of their peers, and the reviewers who helped shape the content of this edition. 

    Further, the Winter 2019 edition represents the culmination of the hard work and effort that went into making our 10th year of publishing a possibility. From the begining of the year, we set out to do something special in honor of Constellations 10th year. This took the form of what became a two day conference which, like the journal, showcased undergraduate work from both the University of Alberta and MacEwan University. Thank you to Dr. David Marples, who proved to be unwavering in his support of the journal and gave the first keynote presentation of our conference. Another thank you should also go out to Dr. Carollee Pollock, who gave our second keynote presentation on the importance of public history. 

    The study of history and classics becomes especially important when it is situated in an interdisciplinary way. Over the course of the past year, we have worked hard to continue our focus on history and classics, while aiming for a wider, more interdisciplinary focus for the journal. This is something we feel the conference and this issue achieve well. This edition showcases both papers submitted for peer-review but also a handful of "conference picks"--papers presented at our 10th year conference that we feel deserve to be showcased here. 

    We hope that you enjoy the wide range of topics covered in this edition, which even includes a poem!

    ***A note about our "conference picks" section. These papers were not subject to our peer-review process. Rather, they were presented at the 2019 Undergraduate Symposium. All other papers were peer-reviewed by our review team.***

    Have a great summer! 

    Cole Kruper and Lucas Nowosiad, 2018-19 co-editors. 

    Reviewers: Miranda Rondeau, Samantha Kallen, Sydni Zastre, Marina Ferguson, Katlyn Kichko, Shelby Drozdowski, Jasmine Hafso, Mark Bykowski, Hannah Rudderham, Brenna Clark, Keenan Walker

  • Fall 2018
    Vol 10 No 1 (2018)

    We are pleased to present the Fall 2018 edition of Constellations. It showcases a wide variety of undergraduate research. Furthermore, we are happy, as the new editors, to continue the work of Constellations which has spanned the last decade. We wish to thank the reviewers for their dedication and committment, as well as all the authors for their courage in putting their work in our hands. Look for our tenth anniversary conference to be held in winter 2019, where we hope to provide authors with the opportunity to present their research in a conference setting. Once again, thank you and we hope you enjoy this edition. 

    See you all in the New Year!

    Cole Kruper and Lucas Nowosiad


    Reviewers: Samantha Kallen // Bronte Wells // Dana Kanerva // Mark Bykowski // Katlyn Kichko // Kyla Kirker // Emma Tessier // Shelby Drozdowski // Hayley Parsons // Thomas Brown // Jasmine Hafso // Hannah Rudderham // Megan McCaskill

  • Vol 9 No 2 (2018)

    We hope you enjoy the latest installment of undergraduate historical research at the University of Alberta. This edition showcased some of the strongest submissions we have received as editors, and we are very pleased at the efforts of our editorial team in helping authors prepare their works for publication. An added pleasure Constellations was involved with this winter semester was helping OASIS plan and hold a Faculty of Arts wide conference in March—make sure to keep an eye out for next year’s conference! Undergraduate research is the lifeblood of our journal and the very purpose the University as an institution encourages. We are excited for the future prospects for the Journal, and are happy to announce Lucas Nowosiad and Cole Kruper will be taking the reigns as co-editors for our 2018/2019 editions.

    On behalf of the Department of History and Classics and Constellations, we present to you our Winter 2018 edition and sincerely thank you for your interest in our historical research.


    Lee Klippenstein and Sean Oliver


    Constellations editorial team for Winter 2018:

    Lucas Nowosiad // Shelby Colling // Samantha Kallen // Bronte Wells

    Alex Hogg // Miranda Rondea // Stacy Fairful // Cassidy Munholland

    Dana Kanerva // Devonne Brandys // Mathea Johannson // Cole Kruper

    Mark Bykowski // Megan McCaskill


    We would also like to thank Sonya Betz for all of her help throughout the semester!