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Vol. 17 No. 4 (2022)

Editor-in-Chief: Ann Medaille; Associate Editor (Evidence Summaries): Heather MacDonald, Fiona Inglis; Associate Editor (Research Articles): Erin Owens, Nikki Tummon; Associate Editor (Reviews): Lisl Zach; Associate Editor (Classics & Special Topics, Commentaries, Using Evidence in Practice): Ann Medaille; Communications Officer (News): Joanne Fitzpatrick; Production Editor: Rachel Hinrichs; Editorial Intern: Sara Murphy; Copyeditors: Heather Healy (Lead Copyeditor), Ève Bourbeau-Allard, Kirstin Duffin, Julie Evener, Christine Moffatt, Jane Monson, Jane Morgan-Daniel, Maria Tan, Elaina Vitale, Ross Wilson; Editorial Assistant: Samantha Sheplawy

Published: 2022-12-14

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