Using ACRL Standards to Assess the Information Literacy of Graduate Students in an Education Program

Amy Jo Catalano


Objective - This study investigates the information literacy of graduate education students, including those in doctoral cohorts. The Association for Research and College Libraries Information Literacy Standards were used a baseline for measurement.

Methods - A survey was sent to all graduate students in the School of Education; it asked a combination of questions measuring students’ perceptions of their information literacy skills and testing their knowledge of information literacy.

Results – A total of 172 surveys were returned. The results indicated that while there is a heavy reliance on internet sources, many students were able to determine which sources were reliable and which were not. After attending information instruction sessions, students were more familiar with library services and more inclined to use them.

Conclusion - It was determined that a one credit course or multiple sessions of library instruction would better serve graduate students completing capstone projects.


information literacy; ACRL standards; graduate students; education

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