‘Freedom Songs’ in Selected Caribbean-Canadian Contexts: Retrospective Fragments

Cecille DePass


This article explores important variations in concepts of freedom and resistance for people in the English speaking Caribbean, who for the most part, still live in oppressive economic and social conditions. The article has a threefold purpose: Initially, it highlights the meaning of freedom in terms of the historical context of legally sanctioned enslavement of African people in the Caribbean which existed for several hundred years. Secondly, it identifies freedom in terms of Caribbean authors who deliberately publish in Creole as acts of resistance to empire’s dominance. Thirdly, the paper summarizes a few personal experiences of schooling and university teaching in terms of hooks’ (1994) concept of education ‘as the practice of freedom’ and a few classic concepts from Freire (1970, 1982).

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.20355/C5KK5B