The Techno-literacy Practices of Young Children from Diverse Backgrounds


  • Nicola Friedrich University of Toronto
  • Laura Teichert
  • Zipporah Devadas



digital literacy practices, early childhood literacy, family literacy, refugee families


To complicate the notion of a digital divide along economic and cultural lines, this paper describes techno-literacy practices within the homes of children from diverse backgrounds. Data were drawn from two ethnographic case studies examining the home literacy practices of pre-school aged children. Participants were three Karen refugee families and two English-speaking, middle-class families. The findings suggest that children initiate interactions with digital tools within the cultural and economic landscapes of the home. In so doing, they develop operational competencies to access digital texts in order to scaffold their current learning and enable their participation in 21st century society.

Author Biography

Nicola Friedrich, University of Toronto

OISE/University of Toronto, Post Doctoral Fellow




How to Cite

Friedrich, N., Teichert, L., & Devadas, Z. (2017). The Techno-literacy Practices of Young Children from Diverse Backgrounds. Language and Literacy, 19(3), 21–34.