Race and Decolonization in Language & Literacies: Unsettling Research and Practices


  • Dr. Laura Teichert Western Michigan University
  • Alexis Brown University of Victoria





Author Biographies

Dr. Laura Teichert, Western Michigan University

Dr. Laura Teichert is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Special Education and Literacy Studies at Western Michigan University. Her research focuses on the role of digital technology in young children’s lives in their homes, schools, and communities. She teaches literacy courses in the Elementary Education program and graduate courses for Reading Specialists and Literacy Coaches. She was previously an elementary teacher at a K-7 private school in Vancouver, BC and an Early Literacy Specialist (0-6 years) in Stratford, ON.

Alexis Brown, University of Victoria

Alexis Brown is a PhD candidate in the department of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Victoria. She is currently working on her dissertation entitled “Creating trans-systemic spaces in critical literacies education for Indigenous adolescents.” Her research interests include critical literacies, adolescent literacies, decolonizing education, and culturally responsive curriculum. She has also taught in British Columbia for 10 years as a high-school Social Studies and English teacher, working in urban, rural, and alternative classroom settings.




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Teichert, L., & Brown, A. (2020). Race and Decolonization in Language & Literacies: Unsettling Research and Practices. Language and Literacy, 22(1), 1–5. https://doi.org/10.20360/langandlit29512